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    Our Mission is to provide AZ State approved Certified Caregiver Training and Advanced Dementia Care knowledge, skills, confidence and marketability to be first choice in hiring. Living Communities will be fully staffed with team members who will provide the quality of care desired and expected for our Seniors. We also provide additional services and training that promote quality of life and care for our aging population.

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    Learn the latest in caregiving from industry expert Lori Matthias

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    Lori Matthias, RN, now Administrator of the Endeavor Training Institute, is a passionate leader with a compassionate heart. For over 25 years Lori has demonstrated her love for caring for people and helping train other professionals to provide the level of care she holds so highly important.

    Her long and full career has taken her from starting as an EMT to working with at-risk youth, homeless populations, a Red Cross Disaster Response Instructor, Hospice Care and Senior Care Management.

    Lori took her compassion from the Nursing workforce to caregiver training with her brother Andrew as they opened a training school inspired by heroism of childhood Marvel Super Heroes. Super Heroes for Seniors soon became a thriving learning center with an excellent reputation for training methodologies and high passing rates for Arizona Certified Caregivers.

    Now Lori has elected to become an even stronger advocate for training and certifying caregivers with the merging of her school and Endeavor In-Home Care, and as an Administrator has launched the Endeavor Training Institute!

    An excellent facilitator and teacher, Lori will play an active role in teaching the next generation of caregivers who will join the workforce highly trained and inspired by her many talents and love for caring for others. “

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    State of the Art Learning Center

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    ETI is located just one block off of the 17 Freeway at Indian School Road Exit #202. It is a great location near I-10, 202, and 60. WE are very close to the landmark Grand Canyon University.

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    Our State of the Art Learning Center

    • Laptops for each Student
    • Theatre Style Large Screens
    • Skills Lab
    • Onsite Coaching / Mentoring
    • Culturally Diverse
    • Sensitive to All Learning Styles
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    Front Desk

    Upon entering the reception area each student will find our Mini Market where coffee and snacks are available to take with you to class.

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    Our classroom currently seats 40 but for larger events can be converted to accommodate up to 125 chairs.

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    Conference Room:

    ETIs additional classroom offers optimal learning space for smaller groups.

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    Skills Lab

    • Low-flow alternating pressure beds
    • Hoyer Lift
    • ADL Equipment & Supplies
    • Med Cart & Medication Delivery System
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